Church Council

A brief overview

What is the Church Council?  It is a body of people with the responsibility for general oversight of the local church, who exercise leadership over all the church's concern.

How does it do that?  One way is to give authority to other committees to discuss, an carry out duties, and report back, or seek permission to do what they need to. For example, Property Committee, Worship Committee.

Who is on the Church Council? The General Church Meeting can elect between 6 and 15 members to be on Church Council, and CPD gives a list of who else can be there. For example, any ordained person in the circuit (usually the local minister), the church stewards, pastoral secretary, treasurer, secretary, a circuit steward, etc, etc.

When does it meet? It has to meet at least twice a year, we usually meet in January May and October.

What is the General Church Meeting (GCM)? This meeting is held for fellowship, to review how the church is doing in all aspects of its mission, including financial affairs, to elect church stewards, and any other purpose Conference may direct.

Who can attend GCM?  The GCM is open to all members, adherents, and persons on the community roll, plus others listed in CPD.

When does it meet?  It usually meets once a year around May.