On the first Sunday of each month we stay in church for the family service. This is a lively act of worship with a free and easy atmosphere. The children play shakers, tambourines, bells etc during the songs and there is always an activity for them to do whilst the adults are being spoken to.

On the Sunday that sacraments are part of the service the children go straight to their groups and then join the worship at the end so they can be blessed during the sacraments along with their parents and Sunday school staff.

A small but lively group of children join in worship each Sunday for a short while before going for their activities. They listen to Bible stories and enjoy crafts and games that are linked to them. We use resources from the Roots for Churches books which ties in with the readings and message being used in the worship in church that morning.



All services start at 10.30 am ~~ We would love to welcome you at worship.